Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thoughts That Liberals Should Be Thinking

If women are the same as men, except for certain anatomical features, there's no reason to favor women candidates for office because they might possess more "compassion."

If a woman's place is outside the home, whose place is inside the home, where children need the kind of moral education best given by a parent?

Excluding the inculcation of immoral socialistic ideals, public schools cannot venture very far into moral guidance without offending someone's "sensibilities." Nor can public schools enforce moral guidance with a quick swat.

And what's wrong with a quick swat as a way of imprinting a moral lesson? It's a lot more effective than "Joshua, I'm telling you for the last (100th) time not to do that."

If the black poor are poor because they've been "kept down" by discrimination, then affirmative action isn't of much use to them, except as a way of victimizing whites. (Moral lesson: Two wrongs don't make a right.)

If the black poor are poor in spite of generations of welfare programs aimed at them, perhaps the problem is that such programs have created a form of dependency that destroys initiative.

If, as Thomas Sowell argues, "black" (redneck) culture is largely responsible for both the perpetuation of black poverty and racial prejudice, doesn't that make a strong case for "acting white" instead of clinging to a culture that isn't even authentically "black"?

And where's the "compassion" for poor, inner-city blacks when they cannot obtain a better education through school vouchers because of resistance to vouchers by their own "educators" and white "liberals" in adjacent suburbs?

If it's good to have racial and ethnic diversity in housing and jobs, why isn't it good to have intellectual diversity (a.k.a. free speech) on campuses?

Homosexuality has driven many Catholic priests to molest boys. The Church wants to protect boys by banning the ordination of homosexuals. Liberals must choose between their reflexive defense of homosexuals and their purported desire to protect children.

That purported desire should also cause them to rethink where they want mothers to spend their days and where they want children to go to school.