Tuesday, July 12, 2005


UPDATED 07/15/05

I have been building my queue at Blockbuster.com by searching the Internet Movie Database. In the process of searching, I've updated the lists of movies I keep there.

Here are my IMDb power-search criteria:
  • English language (I'm finding subtitles hard to read)
  • Made between 1910 and the present
  • Minimum of 100 voters (persons rating a movie)
  • Exclude all movies in all of my IMDb categories (see below)
  • Rated between 7 and 10 (where 10 is the highest rating) by persons aged 45 or older
And here are my IMDb categories and the numbers of movies currently in each one:
Blockbuster Queue -- This category comprises the 158 titles on their way to me or in my queue at Blocbuster.com.

Must See -- There are 65 movies I'd like to see that aren't yet available (a few new movies, but mostly titles from the 1930s to 1960s).

Don't See -- This category (currently 941 titles) comprises movies I'm not interested in, or that I have rented and rejected, even though they meet my IMDb power-search criteria.

Seen -- These are the 1,883 titles (good, bad, and indifferent) that I can remember having seen* in almost 60 years of movie-watching. Most of the titles are feature films, but the list does include about 80 notable TV miniseries, such as Bramwell; The Forsyte Saga (original and remake); The Sopranos; and Upstairs, Downstairs.
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* IMDb has ratings for 1,851 of the 1,883 titles on my "Seen" list. The average rating for my titles is 7.1 (out of 10) as of 11 p.m. CT on 07/14/05. The average rating for the 105,886 IMDb titles with ratings (as of the same time and date) is 6.1. Pickiness pays off: