Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Headlines I'd Like to Read

Some headlines and subheads that came to mind as I fumed about the Supremes' power grab in the detainee cases:

Bush Defies Court on Detainees, Citing Liberty Corner

8 Justices Resign in Protest of Bush Move
President Nominates Thomas as Chief Justice,
Vows to Name 8 "Like Justice Thomas" to Fill Vacancies

Nader on Ballot in 50 States, Endorsed by Gephardt

Bush Wins
First Candidate with Popular Vote Majority since 1988
Coat Tails Enlarge GOP Majority in House
Senate Majority Grows to 67-33

Bush's First Post-Election Budget a Stunner
Cuts Non-Defense Spending in Half
"Just a Start," President Says

Bush Sends Social Security Reform to Congress
Easy Passage of Privatization Seen
Eventual Doubling of Average Retiree's Benefit "A Cinch,"
According to Leading Economists
Bonus headlines:

Senate Ousts Kerry for Poor Attendance

Mass. State Police Reopen Kopechne Case

Hollywood Liberals in Mass Exodus to France

Chirac Nationalizes French Film Industry,
Caps Stars' Salaries at $1,000 a Week

Gore Admitted to Bellevue Hospital
Sources Cite "Bizarre Behavior" on Election Night
Others Say Gore "Seemed His Usual Self"

Michael Moore's Studio Burns to Ground, No One Injured
Investigators Say Lightning Struck on Sunny Day
Moore Sees Bush in Plot with God