Sunday, August 14, 2005

Foxhole Rats

Apropos the preceding post, there's a sizable cheering section for the enemy, right here in the U.S. of A. David Kopel of The Volokh Conspiracy has more:
I just ran "support the Iraqi resistance" through Yahoo, and looked at some of the top hits. Among the supporters of the so-called "resistance" are James Petras (an emeritus professor at the State University of NY), . . . . comedienne Janeane Garafolo analogizing the Iraqi resistance to Americans resisting an illegitimate Russian-Chinese invasion of the United States, and Virginia Rodino (Green Party candidate for U.S. House in Maryland in 2004), who declares herself "in solidarity with the courageous Iraqi resistance.” This is obviously not a comprehensive list, just what was easy to find in a few minutes.

An interesting thread on Democratic Underground shows that among rank and file activists (not the more famous types that Eugene originally asked about), there is a substantial diversity of opinion about whether anti-war activists should support the "resistance."
There may be a "diversity of opinion" at the Democratic Underground about support for the "resistance," but one graphic is worth a bunch of words about the allegiance of the post-patriots who lurk in the Underground. Here's the answer to the question "which country having 'nukes' concerns/scares your the most?":

Poll result (42 votes)
Iran (3 votes, 7%)
North Korea (2 votes, 5%)
Pakistan (1 votes, 2%)
India (0 votes, 0%)
China (1 votes, 2%)
France (0 votes, 0%)
Russia (0 votes, 0%)
Israel (1 votes, 2%)
United States
(34 votes, 81%)

What scares me the most is that those people are breathing the same air as I am.

Now, some may say that I'm equating dissent with disloyalty. Not at all. I'm equating decades of anti-defense, anti-war, and sometimes pro-enemy rhetoric with a willingness to abandon the common defense.

You can call it what you like.