Saturday, May 29, 2004

Putting Hate Crimes in Perspective

Toward the end of a recent post I made this sarcastic observation:
We mustn't hate other people, mustn't we? If you do hate a person, and then you kill that person, you're going to pay extra for it. Why, instead of trying to rehabilitate you we're going to fry your butt. That'll teach you.
Well, the last paragraph of "Analysis of Hate Crime" on a site called La Griffe du Lion says this:
In its last complete National Criminal Victimization Survey (1994), the Justice Department revealed blacks to have committed 1,600,951 violent crimes against whites....While blacks were committing these 1.6 million crimes against whites, whites were reciprocating with 165,345 violent offenses against blacks. Blacks, representing thirteen percent of the nation, committed more than 90 percent of the violent interracial crime. Fifty-seven percent of the violent crime committed by blacks had white victims. Less than 3 percent of violence committed by whites had black victims. In 1994, a black was 64 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa. This is the real story of hate in America. It is the media's well-kept secret.
Hate may be a reason for crime. Hate may grow out of poverty, envy, resentment, or deeper psychological roots. Hate may be learned at home, at school, on the job, or among friends. But hate is not an excuse for crime.

Nor should hate be a reason to compound a criminal's punishment. I have said this before because I believe that justice should truly be color-blind. I will not change my mind now, even though I am 64 times more likely to be the victim of a true hate crime than is the average black person in America.

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