Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Strategic Vision

Washington's strategic vision was to break free of British rule. He persevered and the newborn United States survived to childhood.

Lincoln's strategic vision was to preserve the Union and the ideals of the Declaration of Independence. He persevered and the Union passed tumultuously from adolescence to vigorous adulthood.

Roosevelt's strategic vision was to cure the adult nation of its Depression. His apparent success -- which was owed in fact to a horrific war -- sapped the nation's vigor by leading it into long-term dependence on government.

Reagan's strategic vision was to cure the nation of its dependence on government, to restore it vigorous adulthood. He failed because the nation's addiction was too strong to be broken by a mere president, unaided by Congress.

Clinton's strategic vision -- pursued from his adolescence -- was to become president. He persevered and the nation sank deeper into senile dependence on government.