Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Splenetic Krugman Truth Squad

According to Jeff Salamon, writing in today's Austin American-Statesman,
Paul Krugman, whose incendiary columns occasionally run on the op-ed pages of the American-Statesman..., made the leap from famous-within-his-profession Princeton economics professor to famous-period pundit when he accepted a twice-weekly column at the no-longer-quite-so-Gray Lady. Krugman has been so tough on the current administration that he has even inspired a self-styled Krugman Truth Squad, who are even angrier than he is. Even when they get him dead to rights -- and they do, sometimes -- their rhetoric is so over the top (typical KTS blog headline: "Krugman Hate Crimes") that you notice their spleen, rather than their facts.
The spleen is understandable. Krugman is the Goebbels of the pseudo-academic left. It's hard to react to out-and-out vicious, lying propaganda with pure reason, even though the Krugman Truth Squad has reason (and facts) on its side.

But I'm not indulging in reason tonight. Just call me a member of the splenetic Krugman Truth Squad. And proud of it.