Thursday, October 07, 2004

Poll-Shopping on the Left

I love it when lefties find a poll that shows Kerry ahead, then make a big deal of it, as Atrios does today at Eschaton.

I guess Atrios doesn't like to look at, where Bush now leads in 6 of the 10 most recent polls and is tied in 3 others. Rasmussen's tracking poll, which doesn't cover, also has Bush ahead. Then there are the truly meaningful "polls" -- namely, the betting markets -- at Iowa Electronic Markets, TradeSports, and intrade, for example. Guess who's favored to win, at all three sites? (Hint: It's not Kerry.)

Give it up Atrios. We'll let you know if and when Kerry actually pulls ahead of Bush. In the meantime, stick to other subjects about which you're equally ignorant.