Friday, October 01, 2004

Ha, Ha Funny Stuff from the Left

So Daily Kos comments about something or other that Fox News's White House reporter Carl Cameron wrote about Kerry, apparently in jest, which Fox News quickly retracted and apologized for. Kos says this:
If a network calls itself "fair and balanced", it shouldn't have a blatant anti-Kerry reporter on the beat.
Okay, so how about if all the networks that don't call themselves "fair and balanced" -- because they know better -- take all their blatant anti-Bush reporters off the White House beat? That would leave a lot of empty seats in the press briefing room, wouldn't it?

Not to mention empty anchor desks. But, the anchors I have in mind are empty suits, anyway.

P.S. By Fox's standards, CBS should have apologized for the fake National Guard memos about Bush's service before airing them.