Saturday, September 11, 2004

Kerry for King of the World?

You may have seen this poll result (as reported by James K. Glassman at Tech Central Station):
At last, some good news for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry!

A new poll, using a huge sample of 34,330 people, shows Kerry is favored by 26 percentage points over the incumbent president, George W. Bush.

The survey, which has Kerry leading, 46 percent to 20 percent, marks an incredible turnaround from the latest Time Newsweek and Gallup polls, which have Bush up by between 7 and 11 points.

Only one problem for Kerry. The new poll, by a public opinion group called GlobeScan and the University of Maryland, did not survey Americans. It surveyed people in 35 foreign countries, from Mexico to Germany to Thailand. And, unfortunately, for Kerry, these folks won't be voting in the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 2.
Kerry should take his act on the road -- the road to Bali.