Monday, September 06, 2004

Clinton's Heart Surgery -- Another Politically Incorrect Post for Labor Day


Why have so many conservative and libertarian bloggers (e.g., Feddie at Southern Appeal and Virginia Postrel) made a special point of wishing Bill Clinton well before his heart surgery and issuing sighs of relief when his surgery was pronounced a success?

I don't wish Clinton ill, but I sure as hell didn't make a big deal about wishing him well, nor will I ooze delight at the outcome of his surgery. What's the point? He's not my friend or relative. Even if he were, I wouldn't post about it.

Is Clinton related to all of those blogging well-wishers and congratulators? If so, why don't they just send him a box of cigars and a get-well card? Perhaps my usually rational brethren are trying to compensate for all the bad things they said about him while he was president. Or perhaps they get a thrill from mentioning Clinton's name in their blogs -- a sort of vicarious association with the political version of Elvis. I wish they wouldn't clutter their blogs with such treacle. They should save their sentimentality for someone they know and truly care about. And then, they should keep it private.

End of tirade.